With algorithms making more and more decisions in our lives, from who gets a job, to who gets hired and fired, and even who goes to jail, it’s more critical than ever to get our intelligent systems talking to us so people can step in when things go wrong.

In the coming decade, organizations will face incredible pressure from regulators and the general public and that means every team needs a plan in place to find and fix mistakes fast or risk PR nightmares and financial disasters.

Join us to learn how to build an AI Red Team to deal with everything from edge cases to outright AI breakdowns, while getting you ready to embrace the latest breakthroughs in explainable AI tomorrow.


About the speaker


Dan Jeffries, Chief Technology Evangelist at Pachyderm

Dan Jeffries is Chief Technology Evangelist at Pachyderm. He’s also an author, engineer, futurist, pro blogger and he’s given talks all over the world on AI and cryptographic platforms. He’s spent more than two decades in IT as a consultant and at open source pioneer Red Hat.


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