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Sophisticated financial criminals are constantly changing their tactics. AI-based detection systems, dependent on large training sets of historical data, may be good at catching the low-value frauds but may struggle to pick up on the newest highest-risk approaches.

In that case, you need a system that gives your seasoned fraud professionals an easy and quick way to pull together a 360-degree view of the people, accounts, transactions and communications of suspicious actors, so you can react before they take too much.

This talk will explore how graph databases can help improve your AI-based detection systems and give you tools for intelligent investigation, transforming your ability to respond to fraud and sending a strong message to organized criminals to leave your bank alone.


Harry Powell - Head of Industry Solutions at TigerGraph

Harry Powell is Head of Industry Solutions at TigerGraph. He joined TigerGraph from Jaguar Land Rover where he spent four years running the Data and Analytics business, where the team contributed $800 million profit over four years. Prior to that, he was the Director of Advanced Analytics at Barclays which released a number of world-class data science innovations to production, including the first Apache Spark application in the European financial services industry. Harry has been working with graph data on and off for 10 years. His team at Barclays built a number of graph applications, and at JLR, he was an early adopter of TigerGraph, using a graph database to solve supply chain, manufacturing and purchasing challenges at the height of Covid shutdown and the semiconductor shortage.


Supreet Kaur - Assistant Vice President at Morgan Stanley

Supreet Kaur is working as an Assistant Vice President at Morgan Stanley where she is the product owner of various AI-driven products. Prior to this, she was working at ZS where she developed various technology-driven solutions to automate workflows and drive business decisions for top pharmaceutical clients.

She is the founder of DataBuzz which is a volunteer-driven organization aimed at engaging the tech and AI enthusiasts through mentorship and educating them about the latest tech and AI trends through fireside chat series with leaders from the tech industry, and blogs, etc. She is also the US-Analytics Lead for Women in AI and a mentor at Rutgers University. Columbia University and Weavr. She is also an ardent writer on Medium and has written various blogs to inspire others who also want to pivot in the technology industry.

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