Your data team migrated to Snowflake. Congratulations! What happens next?

Snowflake has revolutionized what’s possible for data analytics and engineering, but it takes much more than lightning-fast queries and flexible compute to drive results. At the end of the day, if you can’t operationalize and trust your data, your best laid plans for innovation and access are all for naught.

Join Monte Carlo and Snowflake to learn how best-in-class data teams are making the most of their Snowflake adoption with data quality, governance, and reliability in mind. We’ll demonstrate the critical features and functionalities in the Snowflake Data Cloud and Monte Carlo’s end-to-end data observability platform that will help you maximize impact with Snowflake by giving your company confidence in the reliability of your data and the products it powers.

Topics include:

  • Snowflake Data Quality metrics
  • Automated end-to-end lineage from Snowflake to the BI layer
  • Data discovery
  • Data auditing
  • PPI classification
  • How to set SLAs, SLIs, and SLOs for Snowflake data pipelines
  • Operational analytics for your data platform
  • And much more


Keith Smith - Sr. Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake
Keith Smith works as a Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake, helping Technology Partners integrate their solutions so our customers can easily get data into Snowflake and insights out of Snowflake by creating a single copy of data for their cloud data analytics strategy. Prior to this role, he worked as a Senior Solution Architect within Snowflake Professional Services. After leading several Quick Start client engagements, he worked with several large clients focusing on SQL optimization for various financial reporting workloads moving to Snowflake, where he gained a new appreciation for query profile diagrams, “most expensive nodes”, micro-partitions, and pruning statistics. Keith holds degrees from Brigham Young University (BS in Business Management, MIS emphasis) and Purdue University (MBA)


Glen Willis - Founding Solutions Architect at Monte Carlo
Experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of success working in SAAS, specifically the Analytics space. Skilled in Python, JQL, Analytics, and bridging the gap between customer feedback and Product. Master's degree in Product Development Engineering from University of Southern California.

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