Python is used daily by millions of engineers, scientists, analysts, and other people trained in fields outside of computer science and software engineering. If you are one of those people, you probably appreciate that Python helps you get your job done. Still, you may wonder what the "real" software engineers might know that would help you do an even better job.
In this talk, we discuss the career journey of Matt Kramer, Sr. Software Engineer at Anaconda, from science and engineering into Python software development; and how the tools and practices of software engineering would have helped his original workflows as a domain expert. He'll show you how version control, packaging, and automated testing aren't just for software engineers; they can help everyone tame their workflows. He'll also share some Python tools from HoloViz.org that let you easily share your results with other stakeholders, without spending all your time writing plotting code and without having to become (or hire!) a front-end engineer.


About the speaker


Matthew Kramer - Senior Software Engineer at Anaconda

Matthew Kramer is a Senior Software Engineer at Anaconda. Previously he spent eight years working in the Energy sector for Chevron as an engineer and leading a team in Chevron’s Surface Data and Insights Platform. Prior to joining the industry, he received his BSE, MSE, and Ph.D. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from the University of Michigan. During the Ph.D. program, he studied the fluid-structure interaction of highly-flexible membrane structures interfacing with the ocean surface (hovercraft skirts). This work involved several disciplines related to computing, including Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Methods. During this time (c. 2011), he began using Python for data processing and automation of engineering analysis workflows.


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