DataSecOps is an evolution in the way organizations treat security as part of their data operations. It is an understanding that security should be a continuous part of the data operations processes and not an afterthought.

As companies grow and data users expand, the need to secure sensitive personal information, including key areas such as health and financial data, becomes increasingly critical. To ensure this data is as safe as possible, security needs to be embedded into core data operations. Without this component, companies use ad-hoc processes and tools, leaving sensitive user data open to breaches from insiders, whether intentional or not.

The session will cover the best practices in securing sensitive personal, health and financial data with DataSecOps from hyper-growth startups including Wealthsimple, Canada’s largest fintech, ActiveCampaign, B2B SaaS Unicorn and Innovaccer, the healthcare technology disruptor.

Join Satori and discover how they created the first DataSecOps platform, which streamlines data access by automating access controls, security and compliance for the modern data infrastructure; and learn:

  • The key elements and benefits of DataSecOps
  • Why you should implement DataSecOps in your organization
  • Key industries that can benefit from a DataSecOps program
  • How a robust DataSecOps platform can ensure your data is secure and compliant
  • DataSecOps predictions for 2022 and beyond


About the speaker


Ben Herzberg - Chief Scientist at Satori and author of "Snowflake Security: Securing Your Snowflake Data Cloud" (Apress, 2021)


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