As teams look to build and deploy models into production, they need tools that can adequately scale with them. In particular, the tools they need must allow them to quickly monitor, segment, retrain, and experiment on the data.

Join us as the team at Pachyderm and Superwise discuss:

  • What is MLOps and why is data critical for it
  • How to architect a scalable and automated platform
  • Why your team should adopt a Production-First data approach.

Oryan Omer

Oryan Omer - Lead Software Engineer at Superwise

Oryan Omer is on the lead software engineering team at Superwise with 7 years experience developing ML products. Oryan has also led an elite unit of engineers for Israel Defense Forces. In recent years, the focus has been on MLOps solutions to simplify the ML Life cycle. In his spare time, he surfs on every board there is (Wave surfing, snowboarding, carving, etc..)

Harpreet Sahota

Harpreet Sahotar - Developer Relations at Pachyderm

Harpreet is part of the Developer Relations team at Pachyderm, where he works across marketing, content, evangelism, and product teams. He's also host of The Artists of Data Science podcast, father, avid reader, perpetual learner, craft beer snob.

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